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Maximus Founder Vanessa Gavan and Senior Advisor Gerhard Vorster share their insights on how to achieve sustainable stretch in performance during times of change and ambiguity.

Here are their takeaways to support leaders through disruption…

1. Preparedness is more important than prediction.

In turbulent times, leaders should focus on clarity. Instead of asking “what could go wrong?” we have to ask “what must go right?”. The clarity of identifying and ensuring critical success factors, rather than ruminating on potential risks, can lead to more effective action and better outcomes.

2. Have high definition of the organisation.

Leaders should have clarity of the hardware and software elements of their organisation, integrating rational strategy and emotional storytelling. Business thrives on logic, however, the emotional aspect that truly galvanises people is often overlooked. Lean into the power of “and” to harness untapped potential in your organisation.

3. There is power in purpose.

Invest in deep purpose work to build stronger connections between self and organisation, to provide focus and energy during times of disruption. A clear purpose fosters a resilient mindset, drives progress and enables individuals to overcome challenges with greater determination. Purpose acts as a unifying force.

4. Own the domain of performance.

Leaders need to lean in, own and invest in the skills that are required to sustain high-performance rhythms. Performance is not a system. It is the everyday decisions made around goals and direction, deployment and developing talent, and balancing care and challenge to support progress. Consciously investing in performance will pay dividends as you move through times of disruption.

5. Show you care and are invested.

Leaders need to take responsibility for themselves and the people they employ. Show genuine care by creating a fun, trusting and deeply humanistic environment. Understand the individual differences in those you lead and adopt approaches that foster resilience and positivity for your people amid challenging times.

In summary

Achieving sustainable stretch in performance is a commitment that must start with the individual before it can have a multiplier effect throughout the organisation. It’s about building the muscle memory to weather ongoing change no matter the economic conditions. Leadership is a privilege, you get to create moments in people’s lives and careers, so make these moments count.




A 90-min conversation with Vanessa Gavan and Gerhard Vorster exploring the shifts and opportunities for achieving sustainable performance in your organisation.


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