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2-day immersion SYDNEY

Ronni Kahn AO

What the world needs right now are leaders who stand as beacons of calmness, rooted in self-awareness, authenticity, and connectedness. Leaders who emanate a sense of safety and trust, the essential pillars for fostering open dialogue and unity across the workforce. 

Leaders whose influence permeates their very being, embodying a strong moral compass which guides their decisions and inspires others to follow suit. These are purposeful leaders. 

The Purposeful Leadership immersion brings together the collective wisdom of Australia’s most revered social impact advocate, Ronni Kahn AO, Founder of Maximus Vanessa Gavan, and international relationship expert and psychotherapist Dr. Paul Browde.

This 2-day experience is designed for current or emerging senior leaders seeking to elevate their leadership on both personal and professional fronts. By deepening one's self-awareness, participants will be empowered with the unwavering conviction needed to drive their organisation and team towards achieving its vision, mission, and strategic goals.


To register your interest, contact our team at leadership@maximus.com.au.

Meet your Guides

Entrepreneurs, Storytellers, Innovators, Authors, Game Changers

Ronni Kahn AO

As a social entrepreneur and founder of the renowned food rescue charity OzHarvest, Ronni brings her teachings as a game changer of societal impact to inspire leaders to ambitiously reach for their dreams, catalyze change and achieve the impossible.


Vanessa Gavan

As the visionary Founder of Australia’s preeminent leadership performance impact firm, Vanessa brings her relentless obsession with purpose-driven impact to leaders wanting to make a seismic shift in their professional journey.

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Dr. Paul Browde

As a doctor and psychotherapist, Paul's life's work has impacted 1000’s of people to build deep connection, filled with wellness and happiness, unlocking their natural capacity for inspired leadership through deep listening and storytelling.

A Unifying Experience Where connection, purpose and impact is at the heart of leadership

The story of Ronni and Paul’s friendship showcases the power of purpose and connection. Combine this with the Maximus philosophy of discovering your self-insight to ignite the courage to lead with a strong vision, you have the perfect combination for true transformational leadership.





Venue: Sydney, TBC
Date: TBC